ForecastWatch is the meteorologists’ source for the indispensable analysis and unbiased data needed to improve forecast quality.

ForecastWatch reliably and consistently collects weather forecasts and verifies them against actual observations.  ForecastWatch:

  • Receives your forecasts from any source automatically
  • Alerts you to forecast quality issues
  • Monitors your forecast accuracy
  • Benchmarks your forecasts with publicly available forecasts
  • Provides valuable feedback to you and your staff
  • Educates your customers with unbiased reports

ForecastWatch compares forecasts with observations for over 800 locations within the United States, and over 50 locations in Canada.

High and low temperature, precipitation, wind, and opacity forecasts are verified.  Hundreds of statistical measures of accuracy are generated each month, and aggregated by country, state, and individual location.



ForecastAdvisor.com helps you answer the question “who provides the most accurate weather forecast for my city?”  Using the same data that powers ForecastWatch, ForecastAdvisor provides a convenient overall measure of accuracy for forecasts from AccuWeather, Foreca, Intellicast, MeteoGroup, The National Weather Service, The Weather Channel, Weather Underground, and World Wide Weather.

Forecasts that change more over time tend to be less accurate.  ForecastAdvisor lets you see previous forecasts for a coming day, to see if the forecast has changed.  Also, ForecastAdvisor breaks down accuracy statistics in a further analysis page.  You can see how accurate each provider was on high temperatures, low temperature, text forecast precipitation, and icon forecast precipitation, all from one to three days out.

The clean design, limited advertising, and interesting posts on weather forecast accuracy makes ForecastWatch a great place to learn more about weather forecasts and their accuracy.