What We Do

Intellovations builds intelligent and innovative software that helps you understand, communicate, and use your data to make better decisions, increase productivity, and discover new knowledge.

We specialize in large-scale data collection and analysis, Internet-based software, and scientific and educational applications. We have experience building systems that have collected over 500 million metrics per day from Internet-based hardware, have created powerful desktop Internet-search products, and have used genetic algorithms and genetic programming for optimization.

Our Beliefs

Intellovations believes that Linux, Python, PostregSQL and MySQL, PHP, Java, and JSP are powerful tools that allow you to maximize the utility of your technology investment, and often out-perform more costly alternatives.

We believe that an iterative approach to development leads to the greatest success. We insist on short delivery cycles so that you always have a running system. We know that toying with a running system, even if incomplete, can help validate or refute initial design ideas and functionality choices.